To buy a house or to rent a house?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Ok, well it’s not the same sort of question as ‘shall I buy or shall I rent?’ but as with the chicken and egg question, the answer is definitely a matter of opinion! To begin with you have to decide whether you wish to buy a house, […]

Pure Properties take the Twitter plunge!

We can’t deny that social networking is becoming more of an integral part of everyday life. Everyone seems to have a Facebook account and with the increase in use of smartphones, iPhones and iPads, it’s never been easier to let anyone know what you’re doing at anytime of the day. (There are still certain things that really should be kept private however!) So, […]

DSS or no DSS… That is the question for Landlords!

One of the questions we hear from tenants most often is where can I find a landlord who will accept tenants on housing benefit? As many as one in ten renters may be receiving benefits, so when these tenants represent such a huge proportion of the market, why do so many landlords state “no DSS” in their […]