Buying Your Dream Home: The Most Important Things to Consider

Buying your dream home is probably one of the most important and then stressful things that you can do. Our homes are at the heart of everything we do. We laugh, we cry, we build families and we relax and recover from the busy lives that we lead.

Getting the right home is essential to a happy and successful life. Don’t make the wrong choice – get wise and get tooled up with our Pure Properties expert tips.


  • Viewing properties in piecemeal just doesn’t work. Don’t look at one property here and another next week and then maybe another next month. This is a serious decision. Set aside a whole day. Book the time off work. Plan out a full day of viewings and make the most of a quiet weekday – but go back at busy times to see about neighbours and parking!
  • Work out what you want. Create a shopping list and be honest with yourself. What do you really want from your home? If you want a fountain on the drive and a spiral staircase then put it on the list. Getting this right will help you build a solid list of properties to view.
  • Innovate and renovate! Look for the cheapest house in the best neighbourhood. If you renovate it properly a great return on your investment is guaranteed.
  • Prepare for a trade-off. Prioritise your sacrifices and deal breakers and be prepared to compromise… but in the right places. Be strong with the most important factors for you.
  • Location location… you got it. You can change almost everything about a house except where it is. Choose your location wisely. Look at the area, the local amenities and check out the neighbours. Google it!
  • Keep your perspective. It’s all so easy to fall in love with a property and let it blur your view. If a deal falls through, another one will come along in the not too distant future, so keep the faith and keep that focus.
  • Be the first to know with property alerts. We’d all like to be the first to know when a new property to buy or rent comes onto the market. Registering for property alerts on the main property portals allows you to do just that. Get emails when a new property matching your criteria is added to our website or Rightmove and Zoopla too.


Looking for your dream house? Contact us today. We love making (house) dreams a reality.