Avoiding bad tenants in your property – advice for landlords

The key to avoiding bad tenants is to avoid the places where the quality of tenant is unknown.

If your property is advertised on the professional sites such as Rightmove, FindaProperty and Zoopla then the quality of tenant tends to be higher (professional channel, professional tenant). The free sites mean you don’t have to pay out in advertising but you may pay out at a later stage in property repairs or lose out because of rental arrears.

If you treat your tenants well then they are less likely to dislike you and are more likely to treat the property better. By treating well of course we’re not talking about cake, roast dinners and consummate amounts of scotch! No, we mean repairing things that need repairing, including fittings and items which make the property desirable to live in. A good relationship between landlord and tenant is essential to a happy tenancy. You don’t have to be best buddies (although you can be if you want); a respectful and amicable connection will do.

All of this will help avoid a “bad tenant” but of course cannot completely guard against it.

What makes for a bad tenant? Not paying rent, not respecting the property, not respecting the landlord? If a tenant comes under all three you really have hit the jackpot of the “bad tenant”!

The tenant being in rental arrears is the most concerning for the landlord. This is the most important element in a tenancy agreement, and if the tenant has broken the terms of the agreement by not paying rent it could affect your income and cause you problems.

Your tenant may have problems; these problems can be dealt with.

It is very difficult to determine whether someone will be a good tenant or not. This really lies with you meeting and assessing them. The question is do you try and eliminate the risk of a “bad tenant” by advertising on the professional sites or risking your income, property and sanity by listing with the free sites?

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