Adding Value to Your Home: 10 Helpful Tips From Pure Properties

Selling your home shouldn’t be too difficult when you follow advice. There are some tried, tested and successful ways to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Don’t spend time and money in the wrong places! Here’s our guide to adding real value to your home and capitalising on what really adds pounds to your property.


  1. Clean, organise, and neutralise your space: Clutter is messy and noisy on the eyes and can make your home feel small and unattractive. Tidy up! Put unnecessary items away in cupboards or boxes and give your home clean lines and worktops. Give your viewers a chance to imagine their own belongings in it. Hide away your individual and quirky items for a month or two.
  1. Your grass should always be greener: There’s nothing more off-putting than a yellow, uncut lawn with untrimmed edges. Get your Alan Partridge on and get that lawn in shape fast! Keep in trim, hoe off the edges and give it some lawn feed. If you’ve got dogs try to encourage them pee in a place that’s out of site too.
  1. Add insulation to save energy: The most inexpensive way to increase your home’s energy is to add insulation, which can reduce heating and cooling costs by more than 25%. Energy bills are rising. Keep yours on a low with this simple and often inexpensive addition.
  1. Update kitchen appliances: The kitchen is the heart of any home and buyers will often gravitate towards it. A new kitchen is expensive but you can do some simple tricks to update it. Consider adding modern appliances, repainting the old cabinet doors and changing the handles. Buy a matching kettle and toaster, deep clean everywhere and put some fresh flowers in the newly-cleaned window.
  1. Update bathroom fixtures: Small changes can make a big difference. A new toilet or modern basin can work wonders and replacing the towel rail and adding a matching toilet roll holder are all simple but effective touches. De-clutter in here too. Add some clever storage if you need to and open those shower curtains to make the room feel bigger.
  1. Build a fence: Security will be high on the list of priorities from your buyers especially if they have kids or pets. Get a good quality fence to add to your perfect lawn and your garden will sell itself.
  1. Repair the gutter: Fix that leaking gutter! Often a gutter will only be leaking thanks to leaves and moss deciding to make a new home in it. Clean them out and fix any holes with sealant. When it rains (like it always seems to) and your viewers are round, you don’t want water cascading down the walls. It’s a prime culprit for damp too.
  1. Light up the outside: Lighting is very important for security and for making your property look great at night. If you have outside storage like a garage then adding an infrared security light is a well-placed investment. Make your home feel and look secure.
  1. Store and organise: Storage is very important. Clear out your loft and get rid of the stuff you’ve hoarded for years. Having a feeling of space is important and you don’t want to look like you’re bursting at the seams. Add some extra cupboards and units to make your home a storage haven to buyers. There are plenty of storage facilities offering short-term space if you need it.
  1. Clear out the loft and add boarding for more storage: A loft is the perfect place to use if you’re lacking in space. Boarding the loft and storing your excess up above is a much more cost effective way to improve your home. It’s cheaper than an extension and it will help those small rooms to breathe again.


So there you are. Not as bad as you thought it was, right?! Get some DIY days booked in and start making your home more appealing to buyers everywhere. Image what you’d want in your new home. That’s probably what your buyers will want too.

De-clutter, deep clean, cut the lawn, add storage and make it more secure. The main core of any home needs to feel calm, organised and safe. Clean up your act and improve your chances of getting your asking price.