We firmly believe that you can have the biggest and flashiest property sales office in the city, but if you don’t work hard for your clients there’s no point even opening your doors.


Here at Pure we make sure we do everything possible to keep you smiling and keep everything on track. We communicate, feed back and work hard for you and your property. From sign up to sign off we give 100%.


To find out how we can help you sell, rent or let your property please call us on 024 7669 4333 today.


Pure Properties – Client Testimonial : John Rouse Avenue

“Dear Pure Properties,

Thank you to Matt at Pure Properties who was quick to find me a purchaser after I had been on the market for 18 months. 

My previous estate agents brought little to no interest in the property after the former branch Manager had assured me of a much higher selling price. I emphasised the ceiling price of my area and was assured by her she was confident at such a high price. After months of no interest a new Manager called me out of the blue and gave me an ultimatum of “We will have to the reduce the price of the property or we can no longer continue to market your property”. Unbelievable!

This is from a branch who continually booked incorrect appointment times, a horde of no shows and no communication for months at a time. Utterly useless! Never again would I use estate agents, I swore to myself. 

Then a family member recommended Pure Properties to me as I was about to market the property myself. I was very happy with the service I received. Even though my solicitor nearly drove my potential buyers away I must emphasise that it was the strong communication with Matt that held the sale together. I am very grateful for the effort they put in because from experience no estate agents ever would!

Many Thanks, 

Mr S.”



Pure Properties – Client Testimonial : Broad Lane

This was our first ever completion! It’s a fantastic property and the customer was absolutely lovely. She needed to move back to Wales to be near to her family and not only did we manage to sell the house for her but we managed her move to Wales with her as well!

We still keep in touch with her and her family and are pleased to report she is still happy and living in Wales with her family.

“My house had been on the market with another agent for 10 months without success so I decided to change agents. Your leaflet came through my letterbox and after reading through it I decided to give you a call. Within two weeks of putting my house on the market it was sold. The care and attention from both Matt & Rich made buying another house stress-free. They took care of all paper work, found solicitors, and kept me informed of how things were going. They were always on the end of the phone to help and advise me, never was I left to sit and ponder at what was happening. I cannot thank them enough and will always be grateful. I wish you well in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D.”


The latest update we have received from her is:


Hello to you both, hope that you and your family are well I expect over the next few weeks you will be tearing your hair out with the school holidays! I still keep up with what is going on with you via my friend who still calls you my boys! I am so glad that things are going well for you, I shall always be grateful to you for a new lease of life and so will my sisters. They now call us double trouble as we are always together. As for my little house, it is nearly as I want it. Just one room for the decorator to finish and I will be there. That’s it for now, take care of yourselves and regards to your families.



Pure Properties – Client Testimonials : Broad Lane

We love it when our clients take the time to write to us thanking us for all of our efforts… no matter what the outcome. In this particular case, the vendors had to remove the property from the market – so didn’t actually end up selling their property. Despite this, they were still so pleased with the service that we gave them that they felt compelled to email us.

“Dear Rich & Matt, 

We would like to take the time to thank you for all the time and effort that Pure Properties gave us when dealing with the potential sale of our property. 

We found Pure Properties to be a highly professional company who maintained a friendly approach to business. We had not dealt with estate agents for many years and approached them with some trepidation. 

Thankfully this was not the case and we can highly recommend Pure Properties. All concerns were answered quickly and efficiently and Rich and Matt helped put us at ease throughout the process. 

With best wishes and kind regards for the future success of Pure Properties. 

Mr & Mrs C.”