Sell a Property

So you’re looking to sell your property home in Coventry and need an enthusiastic, hard working, knowledgeable Coventry estate agent who works hard for you and your money?


You want an estate agent who cares and actually returns your calls and emails promptly?


Well hello, and welcome to Pure Properties!

We know the Coventry area like the back of our hands. (Actually we know it better than that as we’re too busy too look at the back our hands!) We also really know our houses. It’s a devastatingly good combination which has seen us sell 1000s of houses over the last decade.

We really do like selling houses. The way some estate agents perform you’d think they had something better to do. We work hard to sell your home or property and we have the contacts, knowledge and skills to do a great job of it too.

We’re a Coventry estate agent and that means we’re locally focused and well-equipped to sell properties in Coventry. This may sound obvious, but we’ve also been born and bred in Coventry too. We’re local lads with a local team and that gives you the best team to sell your home.


At Pure we make selling your home simple.

We meet you at our Coventry office or at your home.

You tell us about your home and we have a look around and get to know you.

We make sure we know your home inside and out. We look at the local amenities and ask you how much the rates are. We get everything we need to sell your home and we ask the most knowledgeable person about it – you!

You know your home and we won’t pretend we know it better. With your knowledge and our skills we have a dream team for selling your home. Some agents won’t take advantage of this and pretend they know best. We don’t.

We look after every aspect of your sale and we do it swiftly and efficiently thanks to our tired and tested no-messing attitude to property.

We think it’s really important to communicate everything back to you during the sale process. We feed back to you after the viewings and offer tips and advice to improve on the next ones. We learn every step of the way but we also pre-qualify the viewings to save everyone’s time and effort.


We want you to sell your home and we give you the best chance to do it quickly and at the right price.

If you’re looking to buy a new home or property in Coventry then give one of the Pure Properties team a call today.

Who knows, we may already have someone interested in your home… Give us a call?